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Sodexo launches new initiative Bringing People Together

by Stuart Wood

Catering company Sodexo is urging UK businesses to ‘swap Facetime for face to face time’, as it launches a new initiative, Bringing People Together, for 2019.

Its aim is to remind customers of the benefits of communicating in person rather than through technology – and it is offering a wide range of incentives to encourage them to do so.

Natasha Carr, venue and events marketing manager at Sodexo, commented: “Thanks to huge advances in digital technology, it’s never been easier to communicate with colleagues, clients and customers. But nothing beats interacting with someone in person.

“Communicating on a truly authentic level is about far more than relaying or exchanging information – it’s often as much about what is unsaid as what is spoken; about facial expressions and body language. That’s how bonds are really formed and how worthwhile relationships are made and developed.”

Throughout the year, venues as diverse as IWM London, Scotland’s Hampden Park Stadium and Belfast’s National Football Stadium Windsor Park, are offering everything from tailored event packages to complimentary lunch upgrades, in a bid to encourage businesses to physically bring their teams together.

Carr added: “Our portfolio comprises some of the most inspirational, historic and fascinating venues in Great Britain and we know from the feedback we get from our corporate clients just how much they benefit from turning off their tech and meeting face to face in an inspiring venue.”

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