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DBpixelhouse prepares to expand into the US

by Nicola Macdonald

DBpixelhouse has announced that the company has registered as a limited company in the US and has recruited a US-based sales representative.

CEO David Bulley said: “Following our rebrand in July, DBpixelhouse have been passionate about expanding our capabilities around the world. We have been working with UK based agencies and organisers on events for many years, and have recently been creating interactive content and digital experiences for US agencies. Keen to develop a closer relationship with event agencies in North America, DBpixelhouse are excited to announce our development into the US market.

“I’m really excited by what our content team are creating, we’re not simply doing what our customers are telling us to do but coming up with ideas to help them have their best ever experience as an exhibitor. All our software solutions are designed to attract attention, enhance engagement and provide insights to analyse the ROI of the event.

“The word from customers is that the revolution is in the integration of top-end technology with really intuitive and interactive content. The experiences we’ve created for UK agencies exhibiting in the US has gone down very well, we’re con dent that US agencies will see the benefits of working with DBpixelhouse to enhance their exposure at events and help them exceed their expectations.”

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