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Recycling the ‘write’ way

by Nicola Macdonald

Andrew White, MD at Triggerfish PR, on finding a productive way to deal with leftover exhibition freebies. 

It’s often said that the simplest idea is the best idea. And it seems that our idea for the SquareMeal Venues + Events annual exhibition hit the spot.

The hospitality and events sector struggles with its conscience around being sustainable. We’ve seen drinking straws banned, Keep Cups become the go to giveaway and exhibitions strive to reduce their waste.

As a supporter of SquareMeal we hit upon a very simple idea that numerous exhibitors got involved in: to simply donate the leftover pens and pencil giveaways to Triggerfish. In turn we’ve arranged for them to go to schools and orphanages who need them far more than the show’s tech savvy Insta-tanious visitor.

Our premise was simple, we want to encourage tomorrow’s artists and wordsmiths. So, rather than letting the exhibitors’ surplus pens and pencils go to landfill or sit unforgotten in a draw, we encouraged them to help us pen a better education for children in schools and orphanages overseas who often struggle to fund such items.

The support from the events industry was unanimous and we are delighted to be helping children overseas in furthering their education and enjoying the simple pleasure and wonder that ink and graphite can bring. Searcys, The Science Museum, Sodexo, Center Parcs, Tottenham Hotspur and more were abundant in their generosity and have helped us gather the necessary tools for those starting their education.

All too often the hospitality and events sector heeds talk about helping the future generations, and for our business which promotes great communication, we can’t think of a better way to give back to future talent.

We are reliant on the support of exhibitors, but as an agency specialising in the business of events and hospitality we know that hotels, venue and exhibition centres always have pens and pencils left over from events. We also know that companies and conference organisers brand pens and pencil for their events. Our ask is simple – if they are left behind, don’t leave them to gather dust – let us take them off your hands and get them distributed to tomorrow’s leaders who genuinely need them more than you.

Our first shipment will be sent overseas in the next few days and we are encouraging conference organisers, exhibitions, venues, large and small to collect up the pens and help us recycle the write way.

Our doors are always open, we make good coffee so either come by and drop off your spares or let us know and we can drop in and collect.

This is achingly simple: Recycle your pens to benefit schools and orphanages overseas.

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