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Majority of events industry anticipates Covid-19 recovery taking 1-2 years

by Olivia Powell

A recent poll from EventsCase, an event technology supplier, has revealed that most event professionals believe one to two years is a realistic timeframe to recover from Covid-19 following widespread disruption to face-to-face gatherings.

The poll, which was answered by nearly 500 participants, looked to gauge predictions on the industry’s chances of a “full recovery”. The results showed that most professionals (52%) envisage a return to business as usual within the next one to two years. Over a quarter (28%) believed it would take 6-12 months, whereas 14% said it would take three years to recover, and 6% envisioned a return to business as usual in one to six months.

The survey closed prior to the UK government’s announcement that conferences and exhibitions would be allowed from 1 October, 2020.

Jose Bort, CEO and co-founder of EventsCase, said: “It is understandable that many feel it will take us up to two years to repair the damage inflicted by Covid-19. Many events simply cannot happen with the current restrictions, and that has a big impact on the scale that we are trying to recoup.

“That being said, we are taking great positivity from all the virtual and hybrid events that could bridge the gap between a pre and post-Covid world. Organisers now have the time and inclination to road-test new formats which make it easy for people to join in remotely. While we don’t expect digital experiences to replace physical gatherings, a combination of the two might help organisers grow their geographical reach and potential audience.”

Another poll from EventsCase supported the idea that virtual events will remain in the industry once normal service is resumed. Over half of the respondents (56%) expected them to evolve “parallel to physical events”, while 34% believed they may become formats in their own right.

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