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Exhibit 3Sixty secures ESSA Accredited status

by Olivia Powell

Exhibit 3Sixty, a Coventry based full-service exhibition contractor, has become one of the first ESSA member companies to become ESSA Accredited.

Director at Exhibit 3Sixty, Alan Craner, said: “We focus on delivering high-quality contractor services to organisers and exhibitors and a fundamental part of that offering is for everything to be done safely, ESSA Accredited allows us to demonstrate that we do so to an industry-recognised standard. Becoming ESSA Accredited was a relatively straightforward process and it was simply a case of identifying where we needed to add or amend our existing processes to dovetail into ESSA Accredited.”

ESSA Accredited is a company-level, professional qualification, that is independently audited and demonstrates that the member company is operating at the required level to meet industry agreed Health & Safety standards and for those companies involved in construction. The accreditation is free to all member companies.

Craner added: “We believe that ESSA Accredited will benefit the entire industry. It is a clear indicator of which contractors and suppliers are operating at a high level of health and safety, specific to this industry, and that has to be a benefit to organisers and venues alike.

“Working with health and safety specialist Lee Holloway of First Procedural Ltd, we had all of the information in hand from work he has done with us so that it was a simple 2-day process from start to finish. Becoming ESSA Accredited has given us an extra edge when competing for new business.”

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