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UK events planners prioritise cost and quality when choosing venues

by Emily Wallin

Research has identified the features events organisers rate most highly when choosing a destination or venue, with UK planners prioritising cost and quality.

The sector report from The Business of Events surveyed business audiences from the international buyer community; corporate event planners, association planners and agency planners from across the United Kingdom, Western Europe and North America.

Respondents were asked what areas they considered to be important when selecting a destination or major venue in a post pandemic environment. The questions focused on twelve specific areas, ranging from accessibility and ease of travel, through to venue quality and suitability and respondents were asked to rank each on a simple scale of one to 10, with one being regarded as not very important and 10 as very important.

The key findings of the report showed: 

  • Sustainability continues to grow its importance in terms of a decision-making factor in destination selection in the UK and Europe, ranking 8. However,  it does not have the same significance amongst the North American audience.
  • Cost and value for money remain very important across all buyer markets
  • Destination brand and destination support are also growing in importance, although skills and talent are surprisingly not
  • Venue quality and quality of welcome both rank very highly, especially to the US audience
  • Accessibility and ease of travel remain very high in importance for all markets
  • US planners regard safety and security the highest importance of all three regions ranking it 10, which is significant, given the work being done around the forthcoming Protect Duty legislation


UK planners ranked cost and quality highest, followed by sustainability, accessibility and quality of welcome.








European planners prioritised venue quality, accesibility and quality of  welcome – all rated nine.





North America 

American planners scored accessibility, venue quality, quality of welcome all 10. Sustainability was a much lower priority – scoring only six.

Today’s report is the first in a series of publications and events under The Business of Events brand, which is supported by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Events, VisitBritain and the Business Visits & Events Partnership.


The report is available as a free download here.

The Business of Events: Global Destination Report will be published in November.  First published in 2021, the report is an annual survey of the leading global business events destinations.

The Business of Events is a cross sector not for profit series of events and reports, designed to raise the importance and profile of business events in the UK, as an economic, policy and societal driver.


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