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The wheels on the green bus go round and round

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Organiser of Coach and Bus Live 2009, Expo Management, is celebrating this week with the finalisation of Government grants worth £30m going towards 349 environmentally-friendly buses.

The Green Bus Fund will be split between 24 operating groups, of which 10 are small independently-owned businesses. Expo Management has been supporting the push for this fund and had environmental features at its shows for the past two years to highlight these issues.

“At Euro Bus Expo 2008, we had a feature on low emission buses and Coach and Bus Live this year had demonstrations of green buses. Both of these were viewed by the likes of the Duke of York, various Government officials and members of Department for Transport,” says Expo Management director, Mark Griffin.

Griffin also says show databases were used to update the show communities on the proposal’s status, while its publishing arm, Expo Publishing, kept the support and reports coming via its industry magazine Route One.

“Each green bus costs around an extra £100,000 more than a standard one, so this is fantastic and most welcome news,” adds Griffin.

Coach and Bus Live 2009 took place at the Birmingham NEC in October and saw a three per cent rise in visitor attendance.

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