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The WESA winners circle

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The World Exhibition Stand Awards (WESA) campaign 2020 and the number of entries and finalists have grown considerably on last year – in fact doubling in size. Once again, judges have seen some incredible examples of architecture and activation to create compelling brand experiences in expo, tradeshow and convention spaces.

The 2020 crop of entries involved more brands than ever and the full list of winners are available to view at www.worldexhibitionstandawards.com/winners-2020/

“These winning examples encompass a broad range of business sectors, stand sizes and brand objectives, demonstrating that exhibitions remain a compelling part of the marketing mix. Storytelling, engagement, effective use of technology, design and creativity are the hallmarks of this year’s winning entries,” says WESA campaign manager Lisa Farnfield.

“We encourage readers to view the videos and photo galleries for all these stands on the World Exhibition Stand Awards website,” she adds.

These great examples of best in class are a timely reminder during these difficult times of the power of face-to-face and the winning stands in the awards demonstrate that no other media has the power of tradeshows to connect. Exhibitions will return and our need to create effective architecture that allows people to interact will mean more than ever that storytelling, technology and creativity are at the forefront of our industry as it evolves.

It’s essential, therefore, that as an industry that includes venues and organisers, we support effective stand design and experiences in the same way that every other media celebrates its most creative practitioners.

Just as exhibitions are a multi-dimensional medium so, too, many of these stands are best understood through their video showcases.

The next, 2021 edition of the World Exhibition Stand Awards will include categories that allow entrants to showcase their work to overcome the challenges of coronavirus.

Additionally, the awards will reflect a longer period of entry qualification to allow companies the maximum opportunity to showcase historic work and will be open for submissions shortly.

For further information on WESA 2021, visit www.worldexhibitionstandawards.com.

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