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Sharing the risk, the Glasgow Model

by EN

Glasgow’s City Marketing Bureau (GCMB) has linked up with the city’s main venue, the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), for an initiative designed to share the conference organiser’s risk, and any extra success.

The Glasgow Model, launched at EIBTM in Barcelona, according to GCMB Chief Executive Scott Taylor, is “a unique commitment to a jointly shared business strategy with the conference organiser”.

Taylor described the scheme as an industry “Game-Changer”, calling it incomparable with anything else on the market and explaining that the city would front-load support by way of subvention, in effect delivering an insurance policy on any drop in projected delegate numbers to a limit of 20 per cent. A conference for 2,000 delegates, he said, could attract subvention worth up to £26,000.

SECC Director of Sales Ben Goedegebuure said the initiative was a direct response to concerns raised by clients worried about delegate numbers in this economic climate. “We wanted to offer a way to reduce the risk to our client while sending a confident message from the destination that we can deliver the delegates. The Glasgow Model is the extension of a unique collaborative approach that has already put Glasgow on the map as a world class events destination,” he said. The SECC recently announced the 2011 Scottish Bike Show as one of several new event wins announced this year.

Taylor told EN the initiative had already signed its first client, with 27 more deals in the pipeline. These events could lead to £35m in direct economic spend, he said.

Transparency was key, Taylor added, with the 20 per cent variance based on historical conversion rates.

Goedegebuure said the scheme provided a ‘fair’ way of doing business. “If people don’t get their fair share, they can do ‘other’ things. Suppliers are under pressure. We believe we can create long term loyal customer relationships,” he said.

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