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For sale: Old Acre exhibition florists

by Nicola Macdonald

The owners of Old Acre florist, which suppliers event flowers to clients across the exhibition industry, have announced plans to retire and sell the business.

The company has operated in the event business for 25 years and existed as a florist for 35 and supplies numerous events across several major UK exhibition venues.

The owners are now putting out a call to the industry to find a suitable buyer to take over and grow the business in the future.

“Our motto is ‘creative, innovative and professional’ and we have stayed at the top by introducing modern procedures and innovative new products,” owner Steve Edmonds told EN. “Now with the company at the pinnacle of success we have decided to retire and are hoping to pass the company on to the next generation of entrepreneur.”

Edmonds can be contacted through the editor of EN, Nicola Macdonald.

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