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Rego: New five member board aims to be ‘next generation of legacy business’

by Joe Gallop

Event suppliers Smooth.live, Shinesmith and Academy have founded a new business named ‘Rego’, led by five industry experts.

As well as offering “people-focused and technology-led solutions”, the business’ ’Rego approach’ was formed with a focus on mental health and to overcome the difficulty of human behaviour which it says is still one of the main challenges for organisations.

Claire Washington-Smith, Rego chair, explains the reasons behind the launch: “When you have done it for so long, you have to love the industry and enjoy what you do. We are excited to pioneer into emerging markets and this has been the reason Rego has come to life

“Rego exists to grow, scale and disrupt our own business and constantly evolve. Our team understands that change is a constant and necessary aspect of growth. We are surrounded by like-minded people with different skills and diversities but a shared vision and ethos, which is taking us into the next phase of development. We are breaking down barriers and creating new realities.”

Despite, the familiar industry names, the company is not a rebranding and is an entirely new operation according to founder and COO, Donna Shaw: “We are a very different business from the one we started when Claire and I met in 1995. Covid-19 has accelerated trends that we believe would have occurred organically.”

The new business says it will continue to provide solutions for both live and virtual events in various sectors as well as using an omni-channel approach to increase engagement, online trade, networking and education.

Rego also says that through its agnostic platform approach and CPD certified programmes, it supports event suppliers Bizzabo’s Post Covid-19 Event Outlook Report last year, which showed 97% of event marketers believed there will be a rise in hybrid events in 2021.

Simon Foster, non-executive director of Rego, says: ”Launching this evolution to Rego marks a significant chapter in our growth story. More than a new name, this development signifies a new era for the business. It builds on the solid foundation of 20 years of a people-focussed approach to improving sales through expertise, training, and technology for live events, by focusing even more on the way in which we approach client needs, whether that be in office, at live events or with virtual events”.

With the aim of being “the next generation of legacy business”, Rego was formed to reflect the rapidly changing needs of customers, as well as from its founders’ desire to operate on a global portfolio, as shown by the business opening offices in Dubai.

Citing Deloitte’s January 2020 report in collaboration with mental health charity Mind, titled ‘Mental Health and Employers, and Refreshing the Case for Investment’, Rego emphasises the importance of investing in this area.

Ian Washington-Smith, Rego director, further explained the ‘Rego Approach’ and its importance in 2021: “Issues can be seen as problems or tasks to complete. The Rego Approach improves consistency by delivering a better understanding of thinking and collaboration. You can become more conscious of this thinking ability and access the resources to create improved productivity and optimum performance”.

George Stylianou, CEO of Rego, says the approach brings universal benefits: “Overcoming the adverse effects of human thinking and behaviour still presents the main challenge to people and organisations in pursuit of efficiency and performance. To do that successfully you have to understand that your behaviour is merely a printout of your consistent thoughts.”

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