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RASE takes a bite of Edible Garden Show

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The Royal Agricultural Society of England has taken a 20 per cent share in The Edible Garden Show.

The non-for-profit organisation, which is dedicated to agriculture, land management and “shaping a strong rural economy”, runs a number of its own events to showcase the best of British agriculture. It has now invested in the launch show, run by a consortium of investors including Brian Wiseman and Paul Smith of PR agency Paul Smith Associates.

“We welcome the opportunity to take a financial interest in this new event,” says RASE spokesman, Denis Chamberlain. “It will become a significant part of our event portfolio, following the final closure last year of the internationally-renowned Royal Show.”

Brian Wiseman says: “The RASE is such a significant name in agriculture and the rural economy that we warmly welcome its decision to join our venture.”

Wiseman and fellow investors are currently in talks to potential sponsors of the event.

The Edible Garden Show is also endorsed by the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners, which has 103,000 UK members and over 2,000 allotment societies. It has also secured a three-year contract with Mirror Group to promote the event through the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and The People.

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