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Meet the youngest exhibitor at this year’s Lincolnshire Show

by Joe Gallop

Ahead of this month’s Lincolnshire Show, which takes place from 22-23 June, ten-year-old Joe Trofer-Cook, also known as ‘Farmer Joe’, has been named as one of the event’s main exhibitors to look out for.

Trofer-Cook – the youngest exhibitor the event has seen since its launch 137 years ago – will be bringing his own lambs, including his ewe named Butterbean, sharing his knowledge of animals and providing farming tips to visitors at Lincolnshire Showground.

Clare Trofer, Farmer Joe’s mother, said her son has been attending the show as a visitor since he could walk: “Joe is extremely excited to exhibit his farming passion at the show this year. Since Joe was little, he has always loved the outdoors, spending time with his animals, and growing vegetables. While at school Joe struggled, which led to his diagnoses of autism, dyslexia and memory processing problems. However, Joe found happiness in the outdoors and especially in his animals.

“Since the pandemic, Joe’s interest in farming has only grown. With schools being closed during lockdown, it meant Joe could spend as much time outdoors as he liked. He started growing and selling his own vegetables, which eventually funded his three ewes. As time went on, Joe paid for his own sheep trailer and has now surpassed 30 sheep.”

This year’s Lincolnshire Show marks the first event since 2019, and will feature a variety of entertainment, food, shopping, music, horticulture, and agriculture.

Lincolnshire Showground CEO Jayne Southall said: “The Lincolnshire Show is all about displaying talent and encouraging future generations to take an interest in agriculture – just like Farmer Joe has. We’re thrilled to have Farmer Joe here for his first year exhibiting and look forward to listening to his expertise on farming.”

Farmer Joe said: “I’m looking forward to the show and my advice to anyone who wants to be a young farmer, is to follow your dreams. Although we know some very nice farmers who help me, my mum and dad are not farmers, so I had to learn as I went along. Everyone must start from somewhere and I’m very lucky to have help.”

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