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Media 10 directors discuss Olympia, e-sports and the future…

by Saul Leese

Media 10’s founder and marketing director, Lee Newton and Rob Nathan respectively, have revealed the secrets to the company’s success, as well as the challenges they’ve had to overcome over the past 10 years.

In their first, live and relaxed interview for EN, by Mash Media’s managing director Julian Agostini, the duo discussed their vision for the business as well as burning industry questions and trends, including; how it will work with the redevelopment of Olympia, and the future of live events turning into television.

On Olympia’s planned redevelopment, Newton, said: “We’re in conversation with them at the moment, bearing in mind we take the venue for about a month, so some of the conversations are that nothing will be happening in that month and we can block out a whole space of time. I think they are bringing shows together so they can block out spaces of time, when they won’t have work going on.”

On the trend of turning events into television, Nathan added: “What will become more prevalent in the future, is the explosion in E-sports and the way that people consume media and digital…you can reverse it and that it will become the future. What I’ve see is a video game that turns into a live event and then surely the next stage is if you’ve got 50,000 people watching it live, then you could have 50m in China watching it on TV.”

The Big Interview will become a regular EN feature, with another significant player in the event sector planned for next month.




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