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InspiredMinds launches AI community app

by Olivia Powell

Global AI community InspiredMinds has announced the launch of Mothership, an AI community app.

The Mothership app is a digital platform that hosts live events whist also offering a community-led platform for attendees.

The app features over 400 hours of audio and on demand content and masterclasses. It also features the Mothership channel, AI.TV, which sees CNBC’s big tech contributor, Alex Kantrowitz  interview heads of government, business, startups and tech pioneers from around the world.

Vidya Gunapala, chief content officer at InspiredMinds, said: “Mothership will host live events, city led meet-ups and 121 meetings using an algorithm that matches users based on personas. We are testing the first phase of users at our flagship Americas event world summit AI in a few weeks with the support of our sponsors Amazon Web Services and Intel AI.”

Paul Thandi, InspiredMinds board advisor and CEO of the NEC, added: “As a valued partner of the United Nations, WHO, NHS and EU AI coalition, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, Accenture and IBM – InspiredMinds has become the world leader in bringing together interdisciplinary audiences in emerging technology, it’s the logical time to transition these influential users onto the digital platform Mothership.”

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