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Full Circle confirms new deals ahead of exhibition industry reopening

by Martin Fullard

Full Circle has signed exclusive deals with Reed Carpets and Dzine International Furniture Hire.

The deal comes amid what is understood to be a sizeable reduction in supplier capacity across the UK. According to a press release, all three companies have reported a surge in enquiries for events in 2021 and 2022.

The deal represents a period of aggressive transformation by Full Circle which, due to recent acquisitions, now hold one of the UKs largest quantity and variety of stock in bases across the country in Yorkshire, Scotland, Manchester and London.

Full Circle’s CEO, Steve Barratt, said the deal will help clients secure the best rates. “We are delighted to secure the capacity for our clients in a time of such upheaval across the supplier landscape,” he said. “As well the best quality floor covering and, in our view, the most contemporary furniture collection in the market, we also felt it was important to help our clients secure the best rates, which is what this deal does.”

Mark Reed, MD of Reed Carpets, added that the partnership would give new and existing clients variety and cost-efficient exhibitions. “We couldn’t be more excited to get this partnership underway and begin to deliver an array of world class events and exhibitions,” he said.

Dzine’s SD, Dan Watkins said “Full Circle are strategically aligned in the progressive return to the event and exhibition arena, in the quest to deliver innovative furnishing solutions and efficiencies only made possible through our close partnership.”

Pictured: Full Circle building Imbibe Live in 2017

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