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Exhibition organiser turns digital events into 50% of its revenue

by Saul Leese

Live event organiser APITS Ltd has boosted its digital event profits after cancelling its A Place in the Sun Live at Olympia London in May. By offering a strong commercial platform for its customers to meet with potential buyers and by further developing its online content including webinars, the company was able to create additional revenue streams, explains Andy Bridge, MD.

Bridge said: “When we cancelled A Place in the Sun Live at London Olympia in May we immediately took our seminar plans and presented them to a wider audience via webinars, requiring users to register their interest at aplaceinthesun.com in many cases adding to their existing data record in our CRM – enquiries on properties in particular locations, property buying guide downloads and exhibition ticket sign-ups. This series of 16 webinars over a month proved so successful we now run two webinars a week as standard. After a break in August will be stitching webinars together with exposure for our clients to commercialise the proposition as an ongoing digital event.’

The first A Place in the Sun Live event took place at ExCeL London in 2005 and in its heyday the event saw over 18,000 visitors. Since then the company has expanded the live event into Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Dublin. By creating a strong online business community, with lots of areas where exhibitors can get involved 365, the company has resisted the pressure to develop a virtual event explained Bridge.

He added: “Fortunately we already have a digital business in aplaceinthesun.com that provides content to our audience and commercial opportunities for our clients year-round, so we haven’t felt the pressure to jump on and announce a virtual event if we don’t go ahead with our autumn schedule, in fact we don’t think the demos we’ve seen so far provide the right environment for our audience. Aplaceinthesun.com now represents 50% of our revenues so if a client chooses to drop out of one of our rescheduled live-events, they typically move monies deposited with us into additional online spend.’

Website: https://www.aplaceinthesun.com


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