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Exhibit 3Sixty announces Exhibition Kickstarter

by Olivia Powell

Exhibition builder Exhibit 3Sixty has announced the launch of Exhibition Kickstarter, an offer that gives organisers a two for one price on shell scheme in 2021.

Exhibit 3Sixty co-director, Andy Pearce said: “Now that we have a workable timetable to bring exhibitions back we want to give organisers the room to work with confidence on new events, without tying them down at the start with financial commitments. We understand that there are risks associated with organising events as we come out of the pandemic. We felt we should take our share of the risks, and that’s what our Exhibition Kickstarter offer represents.”

Alan Craner, co-director, added: “The event industry is on the move again. We’re ready to team up with any likeminded organisers, and the Exhibition Kickstarter is our way of making that happen.”

Exhibitions will be eligible for the limited availability offer if they represent new business, and Exhibit 3Sixty is appointed official contractor for all services. The offer also includes free floor planning and full access to Exhibit 3Sixty’s in-house design and build team for any feature areas.

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