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Eventshaper brings new talent into the industry

by Nicola Macdonald
Becky and Anna
Becky and Anna

New recruits Rebecca Waller and Anna Mahoney

Operational management company Eventshaper, currently shortlisted for ‘Industry Best Employer’ at the EN Elite Awards, has announced that it will provide a school leaver with the opportunity to learn operational management ‘from the ground up’.

After a successful experience with an intern placement in 2016/17, the company wanted to take it up a gear and has created the post of trainee operations assistant.

The candidate who won the post in July was Rebecca Waller, who joined the company after finishing her A-Levels at a local college.

Waller commented on the experience so far: “I knew I wanted to build myself a career within the events industry from the moment I finished college but was unsure how to go about it. I couldn’t believe my luck that a company so close to home was offering me the opportunity to learn my dream job! It’s been hard work so far but I have loved every minute of it!”

The first part of shaping events is getting exposed to all aspects of the role, or the role they are working towards, and within her first two months with us, she had been onsite for four shows, including one of the UK’s biggest trade shows. She has quickly become an important part of the Eventshaper team due to her eagerness to learn and willingness to work hard.

Keeping in the spirit of offering opportunities for people who want to gain experience in the Events Industry, EventShaper has also hired Anna Mahoney, who joined the team in October. She joins the team after spending three years working in Morzine.

“Although new to the events industry, her previous experience and character lend itself well to the role,” said MD Lou Kiwanuka. “Since starting, Anna is shaping up to be an excellent ops assistant and shows an ability to ‘think outside the box’. She is keen to start working on shows in 2018 and her cheery and chatty disposition will make her a key part of whatever team she is part of.”

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