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EventsAIR launches new version of OnAIR

by Olivia Powell

EventsAIR has announced the release of its latest version of its digital and hybrid event solution OnAIR. With its latest release, EventsAIR will introduce a 3D environment to the platform.

Features in the new 3D mode include custom scenes that can match brands, events or real-life environments, clickable areas to guide, inform and interact, an AIRTouch device, a virtual personal assistant to access all areas of the event, and an inbuilt 3D designer to create customisable scenes.

EventsAIR CEO, Trevor Gardiner, said: “When we initially started development of OnAIR in March 2020, we chose to go down the path of 2D so we could build a digital environment that would support a range of features and functionality, like an in-person event.

“By adding 3D to our OnAIR platform, it will help the transition to hybrid, which is already starting to happen in pockets in different parts of the world. It also allows sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their brands, products and services in an immersive design.

“With this latest release, EventsAIR has also added a range of enhancements and features to the platform including the ability to add lower third graphics to video content via AIRCast Studio™, exhibitor main stage presentations, and much more.”

Global director of sales and marketing, Joe Ciliberto, added: “A digital event solution has been a necessity over the last 12 months, and this will prove to be an added benefit as we transition into hybrid and in-person events. We are so excited to be on this journey with our customers, and look forward to continuing to deliver event technology.”

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