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ESSA to reveal new structure and strategy at July AGM

by Louisa Daley

The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) has chosen its 2021 Annual General Meeting as the opportunity to present its new membership structure, strategy, objectives and accreditation scheme to the membership.

The meeting will take place on July 8 at Dunchurch Park Hotel, Warwickshire (pictured).

Andrew Harrison, director, ESSA, said: “This is a turning point in ESSA’s history, Covid-19 has reset the industry and wreaked a great deal of damage. We have integrated our most recent member initiatives and the addition of new membership tiers into a plan for invigorating and reigniting the event industry and trade events in particular.

“This year’s AGM represents the first real opportunity we have had since the pandemic to meet face-to-face and marks the point where we begin to lead the way out of it with a collective plan. In addition to the official business of the AGM, we will be giving a presentation on the changes and new initiatives, and the results of the elections to the board. But we have also created an event where the bulk of the time will be given over to networking and discussion between members, something they have been denied for a long time.”

Harrison added: “It has been more than a year since our last significant live member event, and no one in the event industry needs to be reminded of ‘the power of live’. The supplier sector has a vital job to do, and to make a success of it we need to do it together. That begins now.”

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