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Eco-friendly water supply Aqube launches its online store

by Stuart Wood

Water Direct has announced the online launch of Aqube, its eco-friendly water supply solution for events and exhibitions.

Aqube is a 1,000 litre recyclable cube that provides large quantities of drinkable water to any event. It is packaged with wooden palettes, cardboard and a plastic lining, all of which can be easily broken down after the event and recycled.

It provides a more environmentally friendly solution to water supply – the one common need every event shares.

85,000,000 million people attend events in the UK each year, 7,000 of which are located outside. But until now, waters bowsers, static tank hire and pre-bottled water were the only options for site or short-term water supply.

Aqube hopes to change that, says Water Direct’s Sven Parris: “Aqube delivers a cost-effective, accessible solution that is fully recyclable, with the capacity to deliver thousands of litres of drinking quality water to any event.

“There is no need for plastic bottles and our fully recyclable design delivers a greatly reduced carbon footprint.”

Water Direct says that Aqube can also be much more cost-effective than renting water bowsers or tanks for organisers with short-term requirements, as there are no installation and collection costs.

Parris says: “Aqube has been designed as a scalable solution, from the delivery of a thousand-litre provision for small sites to multi location water points for large events. The ability to order and pay online makes the process even easier for event organisers.”

The store can be found: here.

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