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East of England Arena invests record amounts in groundworks

by Nicola Macdonald

The East of England Arena and Events Centre has invested a record £144k in vehicles, equipment and works to ensure the venue’s 238 acres of outdoor venue space are ready for its busiest season on record.

The venue has spent £6k improving the water lines to the west part of the site, in preparation for a two-week festival event this summer, and the improvements will also be felt by Equifest, Plantworx, The National Motorhome Show and other events making use of that section of the grounds.

The investment figure also covers four new vehicles and three mowing units. The venue has purchased two pool cars, a saloon and a SUV equipped with towing equipment, as well as a new tractor, a new telehandler costing £75k and three new mowers for keeping the hundreds of acres of grass festival-ready.

The venue has a dedicated full-time staff of eight that spend on average 1,600 hours every month keeping the grass and grounds in superb condition, as well as ensuring the entire venue infrastructure including water and electricity supply, is in perfect working order.

The team’s annual regime for the substantial grassed areas is vital. The grass in use at East of England Arena is a very hard-wearing variety, but still needs constant attention and work in order to endure multiple, consecutive events in all weather, resisting the inevitable heavy wear inflicted by vehicles and camping events in particular.

“When outdoor events come to East of England Arena and Events Centre, ” explained Ryan Moroney, head of operations  at the venue. “One of the first things they understand is that they have room to expand the scope and scale of their event. This means we need to be ready, anticipating the upgrades and improvements required for every event to reach its potential.

“Regular investment in reliable, capable vehicles, dedicated, full-time staff and a programme of continuous upgrades are what’s necessary to stay ahead of demands on infrastructure like water, power and networking when you have a venue close to a million square meters in size.”

Pictured: The East of England grounds and maintenance team, with venue director Jason Lunn, back row, and Ryan Moroney, head of operations, second from right, front row.

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