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Confex Sales Theatre: Retention is Your Growth Strategy

by Joe Gallop

Janice B Gordon, customer growth expert, Scale Your Sales, hosted a session on the International Confex Sales Excellence Theatre that explored how to accelerate growth potential with relevant strategies supercharge customer engagement, experience, and sales.

The session, titled ‘In a Pandemic Forget Acquisition – Retention is Your Growth Strategy’, explored what the retention strategies are, why “Covid means acquisition is not effective” and how customer experience is linked to sales.

She shared the following retention strategy tips:  

  • Share your company’s mission
  • Share your company’s values and purpose
  • Focus on short term goals now
  • Make the buying process about the buyer
  • Personalise the experience
  • Touchpoints redefine customer and sales
  • Practice active listening and personal touches
  • Customers want combination of service and support
  • Increase your social media presence
  • Use insight to know your customer

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