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150 exhibitors looking for suppliers to deliver 2020 events

by Saul Leese

MD of Your Stand Builder, Matthew Funge, has told EN that there are 150 exhibitors on his ‘brokering’ platform currently looking for suppliers to help them build their stands for forthcoming events. According to Funge an additional 30 exhibitors are registering on his site every month and he predicts this figure is set to rise.

He said: “It’s been a really tough few months for everyone in our industry, especially exhibition stand builders who rely so heavily on live events and cannot easily “pivot” to virtual alternatives. We’ve been doing whatever we can during this time to work with our registered stand builder members and assist in any way we can – but unfortunately the demand for their services has simply disappeared.

“There is good news on the horizon however – there are encouraging indications that things will pick up rapidly as soon as events begin again, due to such a busy event schedule through the Autumn period. With so many events postponed until this time of year, as well as the events which were always scheduled for these months, we’re expecting a steep rise in demand for stand builders the moment events are confirmed to be going ahead. Things look set to get pretty hectic, pretty quickly – and I know from speaking to many industry suppliers it can’t come a day too soon.”

The new platform introduces suppliers to exhibitors with many exhibitors yet to source suppliers for their future event schedule. Funge explains that many exhibitors, who are awaiting the green light from organisers, are keen to connect with suppliers, and as an industry ‘we need to be ready’ for the sudden rise in demand. Since its international launch Your Stand Builder has brokered 107 deals across 27 countries, worth $3.25m.

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