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UFI selects Rego as an official Education Partner

by Paul Colston

UFI, the global association of the exhibition industry, and Dubai-based Rego are to partner on combining the new UFI Certified Professional programme with the Rego Approach©.

The partnership will commence with two modules, delivered both virtually in May and available on-demand. They will be aimed at mid to senior level leaders in the sector and employ coaching methods developed over 25 years and widely used by organisations in both the public and private sector.

Speaking about the partnership, Simon Foster, non-executive director at Rego, said: “We are often told to ‘think clearly’, to ‘make clear decisions’ and ‘facilitate positive cultural change’. In people-based business-like events, leaders and teams need to do all of those and they are often the key to success.”

The Rego Approach© supports and develops self-awareness, and helps individuals and organisations adapt and move to a place Rego calls ‘anticipation’. Adopting this new way of thinking enhances the ability to do what is effective, more consistently.

Rego CEO, George Stylianou commented: “Overcoming the adverse effects of human thinking and behaviour still presents the main challenge to all leaders and organisations to pursue increased efficiency and general performance, in ‘normal’ times, but even more so when they are more challenging. To do that successfully, you have to understand that your behaviour is merely a printout of your consistent thoughts. We help you understand and manage that while addressing specific issues.”

To summarise, Ian Washington-Smith, Rego director added: “Simply put, we promote clear thinking and consistent behaviour that creates increased performance and value, through cultural change.”

Both Modules can be found on the Rego website; where UFI members can receive 30% off the ticket price.

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