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Tarsus Group partners with Egytec

by Olivia Powell

Tarsus Group has announced the addition of Tarsus Egypt to its global network. Tarsus Egypt, partnering with Egytec, aims to create a new B2B events platform for local and international customers to build partnerships in both the Egyptian and the North African markets.

Tarsus Group have confirmed that the first event for the newly established division will be Zuchex Cairo. This will be a replication of a previous venture by the Tarsus Group, Zuchex Housewares and Kitchenware Fair Istanbul, a trade housewares buying exhibition.

Zuchex Cairo will be the first trade housewares buying exhibition in the region. The exhibit itself will be held in the Cairo International Convention Centre, which covers 3,400 sqm, and will give over 5,000 professional buyers the chance to view 150 exhibitors from Egypt, Africa, Turkey and Asia. It hopes to offer exhibitors an opportunity to sample the Egyptian market in a cost-effective way. Zuchex Cairo is set to take place 11-13 November 2020.

Commenting on the launch, the Tarsus Group Chief Executive Douglas Emslie, said: “Egypt has a population of 105 million and the fastest economic growth of all African countries. Its geographic, political and cultural position within the region as well as a large working-age consumer population have been key factors behind our move into the region.

Tarsus Egypt will connect commercial and government buyers from Egypt and North Africa with new innovations, technology and products. We are very excited to announce not only the launch of Tarsus Egypt today but also our first event in the country, Zuchex Cairo; a replication of the hugely successful Zuchex Istanbul. We have huge ambitions for Tarsus Egypt, and plan to announce the next wave of event launches before the end of the year.”.

Amr Shawki, the Chairman of Egytec also remarked: “Tarsus Egypt marries Egytec’s strong local reputation built over the past 30 years in delivering value to customers through well-attended international B2B events and strong government support, with Tarsus’ leading portfolio of brands, global sales network and entrepreneurial spirit. I am very excited by today’s announcement and look forward to working with the team at Tarsus Group to bring a raft of new and innovative events to Egypt”.

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