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Limb-itless living: new prosthetics exhibition launched

by Stuart Wood

Independent event organiser The Positive Event Partnership has launched a new event for users of prosthetics and orthotics, in partnership with Limitless Living.

The event, which will take place at Sandown Park in Surrey from 29-30 March, is supported by The British Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Amputee Rehabiliation and the charity Limbcare.

It will present a wide variety of products, services and opportunities to P&O users looking for an improved lifestyle.

During the two days of the event there will be an exhibition, feature, demonstration and content programme.

In attendance will be manufacturers, suppliers, clinics, charities and associations, as well as lifestyle, sporting, leisure and activity groups. P&O users will be able to learn and make a choice based on their own mobility aspirations.

Exhibitors showcasing their products and services will benefit from the opportunity to conduct research and development, as well as generate new business and network.

The focus will be on end users, but Limitless Living say they are not precluding access to the trade, who are “an integral part of the community”.

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