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Offsite Expo to grow by 50% at Coventry Building Society Arena

by Joe Gallop

Offsite Expo, a national exhibition held in Coventry to showcase the latest offsite technology, is set to grow more than 50% in size.

The event, organised by Radar Communications, will return to Coventry Building Society (CBS) Arena for the third time on 20-21 September, with the number of exhibitors set to grow to more than 150. Visitor numbers are expected to rise to more than 4,000.

The expo will feature an expanded programme of feature builds over the two days, which will see full-scale builds completed on the show floor using a variety of technologies and materials.

Visitors will also be able to access 40 hours of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited masterclasses across three theatres, including strategic panel sessions to support sector leaders in areas such as government, policy, sustainability and productivity.

The exhibition will also host the Offsite Construction Awards, which have been running since 2015 and feature 25 categories to celebrate excellence in the construction industry. The awards attracted 200 entries last year.

The Offsite cConnect Buyers and Specifiers Forum will also be held, which gives exhibitors access to more than 100 decision makers in a private area of the show.

International visitors from across Europe areexpected to head to Coventry, with awards including International Project of the Year set to be presented.

Julie Williams, business development director for Offsite Expo, said: “We’re on track to be the leading show for the offsite sector in Europe and we’re seeing fantastic year-on-year growth.

“The pandemic led to the construction industry relying more on offsite technology methods. Offsite technology speeds up the construction process and can in some cases be of a higher quality, due to being completed in a controlled factory setting.

“Feature builds have been hugely popular with visitors to the exhibition in recent years, so we have placed an emphasis on expanding that part of the show – while also introducing strategic panels to support business leaders in driving their business forward.

“Government has voiced its support for offsite construction, and the exhibitors at the show are perfectly positioned to capitalise on changing practices in the construction sector.”

The show will utilise the entirety of both the main Exhibition Halls at Coventry Building Society Arena, as it continues to expand at the venue.

Paul Michael, commercial director at CBS Arena, said: “Offsite Expo has been one of the fastest growing shows at our venue in recent years and we are pleased to be able to support its growth through our flexible exhibition halls.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the organisers to grow the exhibition as it strives to be the most successful of its type in Europe.”

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