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My working life: Emma Robson of Ingenuity

by Nicola Macdonald

The head of events at Ingenuity on launching events, women in the industry and being an avid Man U fan.

I grew up in Colchester, Essex. As they say, you can take the girl out of Essex, but not the Essex out of the girl!

I’m the eldest of three girls and perhaps the most sensible. Being the eldest naturally made me a leader (especially as there’s eight years between me and my youngest sibling).

My dad enjoyed getting all of us involved in playing semi-professional football from a young age, and even though I don’t play it anymore I’m still very much an avid Manchester United fan.

I worked hard at school and was quite academic, but always knew how to push the boundaries – especially in my teenage years! I always had a keen interest in English Literature and anything media related.

My first job was a Saturday job at a local café, I also started working as a receptionist at LA Fitness before finding myself as editorial assistant at Figaro Digital.

I’d often see cast members from EastEnders at the café, which at the time I thought was pretty impressive.

At Figaro Digital I was in charge of electronically distributing their weekly newsletter, which went to 60,000 people. When a new email template was put in place, I thought the personalisation element had been set automatically…let’s just say I ended up sending 60,000 emails addressed as ‘Hi Paul’.

I started at Figaro Digital in 2008, helping to launch a digital marketing magazine. However, I soon realised writing wasn’t my expertise – so with the support of my CEO I helped launch a series of digital marketing events when I was only 22.

I joined Ingenuity in the summer of 2015 as a senior events manager working alongside three others in the events team. I came on board to help grow Ingenuity’s new business events where agencies and brands are matched through one-on-one chemistry sessions. As a team we have now doubled in size and sit at eight strong.

Our next step is to launch our international events later this year in both New York and Amsterdam. We are also launching our Connect event in September, which will cover tech, creative and media sectors.

I spent last Christmas and New Year with friends in China and the Philippines – it was an amazing trip and has left me wanting to see so much more of that part of the world.

Women working in events has always been lacking. As a senior woman in the sector I’ve made it a focus to encourage diversity within our team.

This year we’re launching our events in different markets, which is an exciting challenge. It’s meant we’ve had to observe how different markets approach events

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