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Major changes at Farnborough International

by Olivia Powell

Joe Muir and Ben Gleeson have been appointed to the senior leadership team of Farnborough International, Muir taking the role of sales director and Gleeson the role of director of operations.

These changes to the senior leadership team come nine months ahead of the July 2020 Farnborough International Airshow. Work is underway to extend the Space and Innovation Zones for the show, and more than 90 per cent of exhibition hall space has been sold.

Joe Muir, head of sales

Muir has been part of Farnborough International’s sales team for more than six years. As the head of sales at Farnborough International he will have a leading role in managing relationships with aerospace and defence clients for both the Farnborough and Bahrain International Airshows.

Muir said: “I set great store in building long-term relationships with clients; taking time to understand their objectives, and working to ensure exhibiting at our events delivers on their expectations. This role will enable me to get even closer to our clients and work with them to ensure we’re creating the right platform for their success. I can’t wait to get started.”

Ben Gleeson, director of operations

Gleeson joined Farnborough International in 2017 as the head of airshow operations and was responsible for the operational delivery of the 2018 Farnborough and Bahrain International Airshows. Gleeson is a qualified engineer, and has specialist knowledge of event infrastructure having delivered exhibitions around the world.

Gleeson said: “This is a very exciting opportunity, I look forward to evolving our programme of aerospace events as well as continually improving the customer experience through exceptional operational delivery.”

CEO of Farnborough International, Gareth Rogers, added: “I am delighted that we have been able to appoint two people from within the organisation to these roles; it shows the strength of talent we have here at Farnborough International and makes great use of their knowledge and experience.

“We are a growing, ambitious company with much to deliver and it is vital the right people are in place to lead us as we build on our network and insight to create and deliver new, industry-leading events. These are very exciting times and we’re looking forward what will be the most globally-attended Farnborough International Airshow ever.”

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