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International Confex: how to improve editorial speaker acquisition and engagement

by Joe Gallop

For the first International Confex 2021 speaker session at the Marketing Theatre, Mediatel News conference producer Sam Tidmarsh shared his tips on how to improve editorial speaker acquisition.

Tidmarsh also shared how to maximise engagement to boost marketing, and how to convince your audience to join you on the day of the event.

Tidmarsh shared a list of steps on the subject, including market research and the ‘why’ behind your content, as well as the target audience of the event and having a go-to-market plan.

He also stressed the importance of thinking like a journalist and how to write effectively, which he said consists of around 50-60% of his day-to-day work.

Tidmarsh, who is also a singer in the band ‘Coffee Breath’, spoke about the similarities in the creative process between writing songs and writing content for work. He suggested avoiding big words unless industry-specific and making the first few lines crucial and engaging. He suggested following the journalist formula of ‘Who, What, When Where, and Why’.

Tidmarsh then covered speaker acquisition and how it is a good idea to start with content first and then find the speaker afterward. This way, he said, means you can fall back on the content if you can’t find your first choice of speaker.

He also mentioned thinking about who to partner with before the event and thinking outside the box. This could include other companies, publications, companies or even celebrities, he said.

Diversity was also covered in the session, which Tidmarsh said should never be treated as an “afterthought”. This includes setting targets before the event on how to increase diversity as well as measuring it when the event is over. He stressed how this may not just include gender or race but also disability and socioeconomic and geographical diversity.

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