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by Olivia Powell

4TG (For the Gamers) is launching 4TG Game Con in a brand-new location. This comes after the event, referred to as ‘gaming heaven’, found success in Aberdeen. 

The show tries to cater to all gamers, no matter their age, gender or gaming tastes, providing a medly of genres from modern competitive gaming to classic arcade games. 4TG also blend other geek culture into the event in a number of ways, running cosplay competitions and showcasing anime art.

One of the most popular facets of the event is the competitive gaming aspect. Visitors get the chance to prove themselves in the Faux E-sports arena, with the chance to win prizes. Guests also get the chance to win by entering cosplay competitions, which have proved similarly well-liked. It also gives gamers the chance to meet their heroes through hosting special guests such as gaming YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, Games Developers and Pro Gamers.

The event also has an advice section for attendees hoping to pursue a career in gaming, games development, video creation and the many other careers in the gaming industry.

 When asked what makes 4TG so popular, social media marketing, editorial and sponsorship assistant Jamie Glover said it was down to the “friendly, warm environment” that gives attendees the chance to “meet new friends and win prizes”.

The new event, 4TG Ayr aims to give the gamers of Ayrshire a chance to experience a gaming event. Glover said: “[Whilst] Ayrshire is a huge gaming community, residents often have to travel to the big cities for gaming events. We wanted to give them something of their own to be part of.”

 After conquering Ayrhsire, 4TG has plans to expand across Scotland to other areas which have, according to Glover: “Been overlooked by the industry.”

He continues: “Scotland has had an incredibly successful imprint on the gaming industry, and we believe gamers are crying out for more events.”

So, by finding their gap in the market, 4TG have been able to create a popular event that aligns with exactly what their audience wants.

Currently, their Aberdeen event held at P&J Live hosts 10,000 attendees, and their Ayrshire event, held at Ayr Racecourse from 8-9 May 2020, is set to see 2,000-4,000 attendees.

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