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Event & marketing display company hosts banner amnesty in its war against plastic

by Stuart Wood

Event and marketing display company Marler Haley has partnered with Olympia London to host a banner amnesty at the Ideal Home Show on 7 April.

As part of Marler Haley’s new eco banner offering and recycling scheme, the company will be collecting banners all day at the Ideal Home Show, where more than 600 companies exhibit and 229,223 visitors attend on average.

Exhibitors will be able to drop off their banners to the Marler Haley stand at the Ideal Home Show, which will be taken away and recycled.

The company will work with specialist recyclers and all banners are dismantled by the team before passing the aluminium to providers that melt it down to be reused.

The graphics are then sent to another team for shredding to be repurposed into other products like the bases for horse riding arenas and traffic cone.

As well as collecting banners to recycle, staff from Marler Haley will be promoting its new eco display range, which are either 100% PVC free or made from recycled or sustainable materials like money and wood.

The company is offering a £10 credit to companies who wish to send their unused banners or graphics to Marler Haley to be recycled after the event has finished.

More information on the banner amnesty can be found here, along with access to the £10 credit for recycled banners.

The event and marketing display industry is notorious for its plastic use, with more than 1.2 million banners made per year, which equates to roughly 550 tonnes of PVC that cannot be recycled and end up in landfills every year.

Gemma Russo, head of ecommerce at Marler Haley, said: “At home I am passionate about reducing the amount of plastics that we use, reducing our waste and generally consuming less. I took this passion into work.

“With the support of a new waste management team, and great businesses like Olympia and the Ideal Home Show, we hope to transform a very unsustainable industry into one that can have a positive impact on our environment.”

​​​​​​​Pictured: The Ideal Home Show 2018

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