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Elon Musk-owned company partners with Las Vegas Convention Centre

by Nicola Macdonald

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) board of directors has approved a $48,675,000 contract with Elon Musk’s The Boring Company (TBC) to design and construct a people mover for the Las Vegas Convention Centre that could rapidly and safely carry passengers in autonomous electric vehicles via a loop of underground express-route tunnels.

High-Occupancy Autonomous Electric Vehicle (AEV) running between Exhibit Halls. Courtesy The Boring Company.

“Las Vegas will continue to elevate the experience of our visitors with innovation, such as with this project, and by focusing on the current and future needs of our guests,” said Steve Hill, LVCVA CEO and president.

The LVCVA board of directors approved the total contract value of $48,675,000 (£38,503,000). The contract highlights three underground passenger stations, a pedestrian tunnel and two vehicular tunnels with an expected total length of approximately one mile. Other essential system components include:

    •  An elevator/escalator system for passenger access to each station
    • Pedestrian entrances, exits, coverings from the elements and landscaping
    • Tunnel lighting, power and video surveillance systems
    • A fully equipped control room
    • Cell phone, WiFi, intercom/PA, remote data and ventilation/life safety systems

“The Boring Company is excited to contribute to the future of Las Vegas, and work with leaders who have a vision for transportation,” said The Boring Company President Steve Davis.

The LVCVA’s approval of the TBC contract is a result of a multi-step process that started in 2018 with a request for information to gauge interest.TBC’s contract calls for an underground loop system that offers reduced total costs, less disruption to pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and faster construction time than traditional at-grade or above-ground options while maximising passenger and pedestrian safety. The loop will be designed for ridership of at least 4,400 passengers per hour and is scalable depending on Las Vegas Convention Centre attendance.

Overall, the tourism industry continues to be crucial to Southern Nevada’s economy generating $60bn (£47.5bn) in total economic impact, supporting approximately 383,000 jobs and $16.4bn (£13bn) in local wages and salaries. These jobs represent 39 percent of Southern Nevada’s total workforce.

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