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East of England Arena to develop and refurbish facilities in 2022

by Joe Gallop

Following a recent recruitment drive, the East of England Arena is starting a “big push” in investment that will continue throughout 2022, says the arena’s senior events manager Pamela Newbould.

The arena recently announced three new appointments following the hire of managing director Lee Sharp in December.

“We have clear plans to develop and refurbish our facilities, source new equipment and recruit more talent in anticipation of a busy and prosperous year ahead,” says Newbould.

Following a “brisk” start to the year with the four-day Boston & District Dog show, the venue now looks forward to the second edition of the January Motorhome and Campervan Sale at the end of the month.

Newbould says: “We managed to stave off the worst of cancellations over the Christmas period and although some of the larger entertainment promoters have had to postpone their whole tours, our calendar is starting to look normal from about March onwards.”

As for Covid-19 measures at the venue, Newbould says the venue is still following government guidance in full and cooperating with all local stakeholders in public health.

“After 18 months we have a well-established set of protocols and fantastic compliance from visitors and delegates,” she says.

“Anti-transmission measures are now completely normal, and our research shows that they are working.

“We’re communicating with all visitors to our January events, and updating our social media, to remind everyone about current measures and expectations.”

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