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Digital powerful – face-to-face valuable

by Cameron Roberts

Workers expect to make 25% more revenue when able to communicate with clients face-to-face, according to research from global hospitality group Accor.

The research also indicated that face-to-face meetings were preferred over virtual, with 30% of respondents finding it difficult to gauge body language and nonverbal cues during virtual meetings.

The teething problems with online meetings also obstruct sales according to the research, with 37% of those asked saying they experienced technology issues (such as bad quality video or dropping out of meetings) that obstructed sales.

Sophie Hulgard, senior vice-president of sales, Accor, Northern Europe, said: “With the return of face-to-face meetings in touching distance we are able to recognise, now, more than, ever their importance. The loss of face-to-face business in the last year has demonstrated its emotional and financial value.

“Digital solutions in business are here to stay but there will always be a need to meet face-to-face to get the deal done. Technology is a powerful tool but it will never replace the importance of the human touch in business. The results of our research, in the digital age we live in, underline the hybrid trend that we expect to be an enduring legacy of the pandemic – digital is powerful, face-to-face is valuable.”

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