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CloserStill announces partnership with website specialist ASP

by Emily Wallin

CloserStill Media has  announced a multi-show partnership with event website specialists ASP.
The long-term deal will see ASP create and maintain websites for CloserStill’s events portfolio.

CloserStill’s digital strategist, Rakim Asher, said: “We are pleased to announce our three-year contract with ASP. Not only have ASP enhanced their services and system but we are now in a position whereby their technology
will allow us to make developments to both our content and UX. Their improvements will also  allow us to integrate more of our systems to allow seamless workflows.”
ASP’s client services director, Richard Sands, said:  “Event organisers like CloserStill, need best-in-class, seamlessly integrated and SEO optimised event websites that they can fully rely upon, and that is what ASP delivers.” commented Sands.
“The team at ASP are really proud of the websites we have created for CloserStill, and are delighted to be continuing to work with a business who are at the very forefront of our industry.”

ASP also recently agreed a multishow deal with Montgomery.

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