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Blackout showcases mental health research at PLASA 2019

by Louisa Daley

Blackout, the immersive mental health installation, has announced that it is running an industry evaluation alongside its exhibition experience at this year’s PLASA Show.

The PLASA Show provides a platform for the entertainment technology industry to explore new products. The show is taking place at London Olympia from 15-17th September 2019, where guests can partake in workshops and demonstrations.

Dr Paul Hanna, research director in Clinical Psychology at the University of Surrey, has devised a questionnaire to evaluate mental health awareness within the UK technical backstage entertainment industry. Dr Hanna has worked with the Blackout creative team since the project launched at Guildford School of Acting (GSA) in May.

The evaluation has been funded by leading industry associations PLASA, ALD, ASD ABTT, PSA, all of whom recognise the importance of supporting this research and its impact on membership organisations.

Mig Burgess, GSA tutor and creator of Blackout, said: “This is an extremely important first step to address mental health awareness in the UK technical backstage entertainment industry and we are delighted that Paul’s expertise will provide valuable insight into mental health issues in the sector. By evaluating visitors’ experiences of Blackout at the PLASA Show we will be able to quantify our industry’s overall awareness of mental health, and to gain an insight into how many people suffer with mental health related issues.

“I am thrilled that Blackout has brought about this exciting research into mental health within our backstage industry and I am excited to collaborate with key trade associations to work together to evoke positive change.”

Sean McNamara, head of GSA, said: “As part of GSA’s commitment to driving forward innovation in matters relating to mental health and wellbeing, we fully support Mig and her colleagues with this ground-breaking project.”


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Technical Backstage Entertainment Industry Mental Health Evaluation


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