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Aventri and Sciensio announce partnership

by Nicola Macdonald

Event management software provider Aventri has joined forces with event chatbot company Sciensio to create an end-to-end management solution which leverages ‘EventBots’ to provide answers to thousands of common event questions.

The EventBots use artificial intelligence technology to answer commonly asked questions such as ‘Where should I park?’ and ‘What’s the dress code?’.

Previously, attendees would have had to search a website, download an app, contact a call centre or send an email. Organisers would have had to devote time to responding to repetitive questions, often in the busy days leading up to the event.

“As consumers, attendees are used to getting immediate answers on their smart devices about weather, news, sports, directions, recipes … you name it,” commented Brad Langley (pictured right), vice president of channel and partner management at Aventri. “EventBots use AI and text to drive richer event experiences. They enable attendees to get answers in a way that’s in tune with how they receive information in the rest of their lives.

“One of the beauties of an EventBot is you can have hundreds, even thousands, of participants receiving answers to different questions at the same time. You can’t do that with other communication channels. This frees planners up to focus precious time and energy on the other responsibilities that go into creating successful events.”


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