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Autumn Fair launches remote exhibiting and welcomes 30 Chinese suppliers

by Joe Gallop

Autumn Fair, a home, gift and fashion show at NEC Birmingham, has launched a ‘Remote Exhibiting’ package to provide a solution to international travel challenges and enable international suppliers to showcase products to Autumn Fair buyers.

The event from 5–8 September will welcome the Shandong Pavilion, showcasing products from 30 suppliers from China’s Shandong Province. Stands have been built, set up and staffed on behalf of the exhibitors by staff based in the UK.

Visitors to the Shandong Pavilion will be able to see the products in person, while virtual sales meetings will allow buyers to speak directly to the suppliers.

Stuart Thomas, head of global partnerships, Hyve Group plc said: “For UK retailers looking to source from China, Remote Exhibiting ensures we continue to deliver this and enables our international community to carry on doing business at our UK shows. The package allows products to be showcased to buyers, with no travel from the exhibitors.”

Cao Guoping, director of European and American Affairs Division of Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, said: “Shandong features close economic and trade exchanges with the United Kingdom. The ‘Made in Shandong’ initiative strives to create products with lean materials, exquisite design, fine production, and meticulous service. We welcome British retailers to contact us and purchase Shandong-made products.”

Shandong Pavilion remote exhibitor Ms. Zhang Jing, manager of Jinan Hualin International Trade Co. Ltd said: “Though unable to participate in person due to impact of Covid-19, we will show our products to British buyers through remote display as part of the Shandong Pavilion organised by Department of Commerce of Shandong Province. We are eager to showcase high-quality products to British buyers and welcome more European buyers to contact us.”

Bao Shuangyan, manager of Laizhou More Than Chocolate Co. Ltd added: “We have cost-effective daily consumption products suitable for UK and European markets, and mid-end to high-end gift products developed for various festivals. We are confident in our products and welcome new buyers and partners from the UK and European markets.”

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