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Stephan Murtagh: Exhibitions is a numbers game

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The Exhibition Guy Stephan Murtagh spells out the simple mathematical equation to successful exhibitions


Triskaidekaphobia… We don’t do Exhibitaphobia around here…
Yes, I really did say that and for those confused it’s the fear of the number 13.
Whilst unlucky for some, 13 is actually a really lucky number in exhibition. As we return to more and more live events, there has never been a more important time to be better prepared and even more excited about the possibilities for filling those order books.
The days of just rocking up to an event and hoping it works are well over.
When it comes to exhibiting there are three numbers you really need to focus on. If you do, you not only make exhibiting easier, but you set yourself up for far greater success.
So, triskaidekaphobia. The three key numbers that will ensure you are the happy exhibitionist…

The 3+4+6 Principle of Great Exhibiting.

3 Pre-Show
Set three Clear Objectives for Exhibiting
Not one or 12 objectives or scarily as many companies do… set none. (67% of companies exhibit without a plan) The key to really successful exhibiting is being really focused on the three things you want to achieve. If you focus on more you spread yourself too thin… If you set less you’re not spreading yourself at all. Exhibiting like life is about setting challenges.

4 During-Show
You have four seconds to make an impression when exhibiting
A visitor walking down the aisle will decide within four seconds if they are going to stop on your stand, so first impressions really do count. Your people should be standing, smiling and that open body language really does matter. Your stand graphics should be visible and readable from 15-20ft away and having 60% of your floorspace free for visitor access not only makes it comfortable for them to walk on but encourages them to. Exhibiting is not about bringing the kitchen sink, it’s about bringing the smell of freshly baked bread.

6 Post show
Chase up every lead within six days.
81% of leads from trade shows are never followed up. This happens when people get back from a show and are in fire fighting mode. I’m not saying you will get the sale within six days but continue that conversation with your potential client. You also become part of the exclusive club of companies who do really well from exhibiting. The real key is to plan your follow up strategy before you exhibit and not after, so when you do get back, you’re ready. Chase up or delegate those leads straight away.
Exhibiting is not rocket science but by doing the simple things right you will help light the rocket under your business.
So the next time you see the number 13 don’t think of that long triska… word or being unlucky…think of the three simple things you can do for exhibition success.
Happy exhibiting.


Stephan Murtagh’s column appears in the February issue of Exhibition News. 

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