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ESSA announces its first associate member

by Joe Gallop

The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) has confirmed that branded event hospitality specialist, Barmotion, is the first event supplier to join the association on its new ‘ESSA Associate’ tier of membership. ESSA Associate membership is a gateway to full membership.

Susan Swart, operations and business development manager at Barmotion, said: “Becoming an ESSA Associate member is a fantastic opportunity for us. As we are in the process of getting our UK division off the ground, associate membership allows us to become part of our industry association and provides a valuable stepping stone for us as a company.”

Swart added: “We firmly believe that being part of ESSA is beneficial in so many ways – it gives us insight into our industry and keeps us current with what’s going on. It allows us to tap into existing knowledge and resources. Being an ESSA member denotes quality and professionalism, and by joining ESSA we want to show our clients that we align ourselves with its high standards and the best practices it espouses.”

Andrew Harrison, ESSA director, said, “Creating three tiers of membership will enable ESSA to better serve the sector from a leadership and representation perspective whilst also offering greater strength in a growing community, providing services that enable our members to develop and ultimately to continue to improve our value proposition – without diluting the quality or probity requirements for membership.

“Associate membership can be considered a pathway to full membership, but also a membership level that suits smaller businesses, start-ups and businesses serving more than one sector.”

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