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New sustainability-focused events company launched by ex-Easyfairs’ divisional MD

by Olivia Powell

Unity53 Ltd, a new business designed to “address the changing structure of community building while embracing customers’ wishes to contribute to a more sustainable society” has launched today, 10 September.

The new company was created by Paul MacDonald, who most recently held the position of divisional managing director at Easyfairs and previously worked in events management with companies including Centaur and Montgomery.

Part of the company’s vision is to create digital communities. MacDonald said: “Creating digital communities is not new, but our methodology certainly is. Integrate this with our core strength of bringing digital, virtual and in-person events to market and we’re confident that this hybrid approach will yield significant benefit.”

MacDonald explained that it was running the packaging portfolio at Easyfairs that made him realise “the extent to which environmental and sustainability issues were shaping the future”.

He added: “Environmental concerns and more recently a heightened social consciousness among consumers have been defining influences in the B2C sector for some time. But quite often the best intentions of sustainability over pure profitability haven’t filtered down the B2B supply chain. Why not?

“The next generation of corporate leaders will be far keener to project the green credentials to which they aspire in their private lives, directly into their businesses. We believe that the B2B communities of the future should be set up in such a way that issues of social responsibility and sustainability, no matter what the industry, are hard-wired into the very fabric of the network and the platform itself.”

Phase one of the Unity53 launch is under way, with MacDonald in discussion with a number of partners from the event, publishing and trade association sectors.

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