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How to turn your commercial challenges into a success

by Stuart Wood

Partner content from OMYAGUE. Isabelle Meyers, Export Manager of OMYAGUE, The Luxury Corporate Gifting Fair, gives her top tips on how to make your commercial challenges a success​​​​​​​.


Unite the skill sets within your organisation

Sometimes it can be difficult to build team spirit within a pool of salespeople. The salesman or saleswoman may be accustomed to being assessed on his/her performances, but accustomed to work alone, they may be less interested in collaborative work.

Business challenges are therefore important, as they can motivate and unite sales teams, ensure that sales are increasing, and thus achieve key business objectives.

Commercial challenges can also help motivate employees, as they feel their efforts will be acknowledged. If you offer rewards, such as gifts or prizes, make sure they are of quality and think about how to conduct the challenge. Digital tools can help by connecting commercial teams that are working in different geographical areas.


Use web platforms and mobile apps 

In this day and age, all businesses are equipped with mobile phones, and there are many apps to help you create a challenge quickly and manage it. Some apps are geared towards boosting morale and bringing up sales, such as customisable quizzes.

Everyone can access their personal space to consult their data (follow-up, scores, objectives). Users can monitor their performances in real time and communicate with fellow participants and the organisers.


Put social networks to good use 

Any sales person is familiar with the new uses of internet and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or professional networks like LinkedIn. Often used to help build or maintain relationships with clients or potential customers, they can also be used to develop relationships between the sales professionals working for the same company.

Some of these networks allow you to create groups or private pages, which can solely be viewed by the members you have chosen to add. When organising a challenge, you can give members of a same company access to these spaces and use them to post comments or send information. Those pages can help maintain a healthy spirit of competition.

In France and according to the 2018 OMYAGUE study, 41.30% of companies noticed an increase in turnover following a commercial challenge, whereas 12.4% didn’t and 46.30% were not sure.


10 tips to make your commercial challenges a success:  

1. Never set impossible goals for your challenges, otherwise you will demotivate your staff.

2. Expand the challenge to the entire sales force, do not limit it to the 10% of the most successful salespeople

3. Organise the challenges at an appropriate time

4. The commercial challenge must be integrated into a commercial strategy in response to your commercial interests

5. Put tools in place allowing salespeople to access the score boards of fellow employees so that they know in real time where they are in relation to their objectives.

6. Luxury and the household goods are always a hit with staff, make sure to have attractive rewards

7. Avoid long-term operations

8. Make sure to keep up the interest levels and enthusiasm of your staff

9. Multiply interactions by sending Emails, SMS, or via the social networks of the company

10. Do not limit yourself to a launch party, promote the challenge on a daily basis

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