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by EN

Mayfield Merger Strategies, in partnership with EN, announced an exclusive new network for independent event organisers and entrepreneurs.

The idea for a new, exclusive network, specifically for event organisers, came after Mayfield Merger Strategies held a seminar in June, that aimed to tutor independent organisers on how to prepare their business for sale. 

They only expected 9-10 companies but 45 people from 26 companies turned up, with all those in attendance planning on the sale of their business, whether it was in the present or in three years time, resulting in the setting up of Event Entrepreneurs’ Club (EEC).

Mayfield Merger Strategies realised that many of these companies rarely spent time talking to others in the same position as them – that is, working from home or in a very small-scale office. They share the same problems in setting up and growing their business as others but have no-one to compare notes with. 

Mayfield Merger Strategies put a lot of effort into linking up different organisers so that one can give advice to the other about things like cost-effective registration companies, solving the tax issues of running an event abroad, or moving venue (and negotiating the right deal).

Partner at Mayfield Merger Strategies, Peter Massey, said: “There are a variety of business models out there – from conferences to one-to-ones, to exhibitions – and events in every sector you can think of. But the issues that need solving in order to grow from an idea to a coherent business that one of the larger organisers wants to buy are the same.” 

This insight inspired the idea to create a new platform for event entrepreneurs to venture into an environment that is inspirational, practical and looks to the future. Event entrepreneurs don’t currently have a dedicated networking and advice channel, so Mayfield Merger Strategies have created the Event Entrepreneurs’ Club (EEC) – a space for likeminded independent event organiser owners and founders to debate trends, share challenges and test new ideas in an informal yet private environment.

The club has the full support of EN as media partner and is open to the founders of any independent organiser. It’s free to join and members receive exclusive access to regular best practice newsletters, seminars, a closed LinkedIn group, informal meet-ups and networking dinners hosted on key topics.

The EEC will be holding their first meetup at the Mash Media Lounge during International Confex on 25 February at 4pm. 

At the meetup, attendees will be able to explore ideas and compare experiences with other event organisers. Mash Media will be providing International Confex VIP status to all meet-up participants.

Organisers can join the club, reserve a space at the Confex meet-up and register for information on future events by emailing eeclub@mayfieldmerger.com.

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