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New training programme places focus on launch and growth in events industry

by Joe Gallop

A pair of event professionals have announced a partnership to produce a new training programme to support innovation and creativity in the events and exhibition industry.

Matt Hodgins (pictured left) founder of Ideas Academy and Simon Naudi (right), CEO of Answers Training, are behind the new programme and have over 60 years of combined experience in the sector.

Naudi, whose first degree is in Psychology, has worked as a trainer and mentor for numerous events businesses, supporting teams and mentoring individuals through the launch process.

Hodgins has launch experience in both the B2B and B2C arena most notably in the creation Urban Gardens and Gadget Show Live, winner of Best Consumer Event at the EN Awards.

In addition to his own launches, Hodgins has researched what he estimates at “well over 100” event ideas with media owners, event businesses and private individuals. His interest in the creative process led him to study Neuroscience, Psychology and Behavioural Change and set up Ideas Academy, a coaching and consultancy business to support innovation. 

Naudi and Hodgins say the training course brings together their work around the neuroscience of creativity along with their knowledge of how to overcome the “many hurdles” that will come up between the moment an idea surfaces and when the doors eventually open on a new event.

“We have both been so impressed by the resilience of the industry over the last 18 months, seeing event businesses responding to a crisis no-one could have foreseen,” says Naudi. “But we also know that event businesses will not be content to simply survive and will already be looking at where opportunities for growth may present themselves.”

Hodgins says: “Historically we can see that periods of crisis are usually followed by a significant increase in innovation.

“The spike in patent applications in the US in the early 1930s following the Great Depression is typical of this acceleration in new ideas.

“This is an industry born on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Ideas are the lifeblood of our business and we are very excited about partnering with talented people to help support the next generation of award winning launches.”

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