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Magic and hidden value in events

by David Taylor

There is magic and hidden value when it comes to events, says David Taylor (pictured right), founder and group managing partner of Brandgym. One of the world’s 50 most important marketing thinkers according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, David has worked with high-profile brands such as Sainsbury’s, Mars and Unilever.

Of the traditional marketing channels, what particular value do events offer?
Events give a chance for a brand to literally bring to life their story. This allows them to really add drama and excitement. And also to interact with potential consumers in person

What role can events play in the marketing of a brand?
Events are about bringing the brand world to life. The best ones though drive reach beyond the ‘lucky few’ who attend the event. This is achieved by adding ‘wow factor’ to the events which encourage both people and the press to share coverage on social media.

You work with many brands; how many of them see the value in holding events to raise brand awareness?
I feel a limited number of brands understand the full potential of events, as they focus on the people attending. As discussed, the real potential is to drive awareness of a much wider target group

What have been some of the most successful events you have seen over the years in terms of elevating brand awareness?

At the brandgym, we worked with South African beer brand Carling Black Label on their Be the Champion Coach activation. This was centred on an event, a live soccer match between SA’s top 2 teams. But the magic was in offering people the chance to pick the teams who played by buying a Carling and voting on mobile. Over 20 million people voted, dramatically increasing the reach. This has become an annual event that is still going strong after 10 years.

David Taylor, founder and group managing partner of Brandgym is represented by Expert Impact Speakers, who use 100% of their profits to support charities and social enterprises. To enquire about David appearing at your event, please contact venita@expertimpact.com.


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