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Global exhibitions market set to grow by 4%

by Olivia Powell

The global exhibition industry has been forecasted to grow by an estimated 4% to the year 2023, according to Globex 2019. This was released 2 October by strategy consultancy, AMR International.

Globex is published by AMR International annually. It provides in-depth trends analysis, granular volume and price data, plus 5-year forecasts on 20* mature and emerging countries, helping organisers to plan their growth strategies.

The 11th edition of Globex – the global exhibition organising market: assessment and forecast to 2023 – reveals a positive five-year outlook for the global exhibitions industry. This positive forecast comes despite recent macroeconomic turmoil.

Growth in 2018 was driven by good performance across most emerging markets, and a strong US market. Organisers and investors can expect this growth to continue, barring any drastic changes to the current political and economic environment.

The 14 most significant exhibition markets generated $27.8bn in exhibition organising revenues in 2018, with the rest of the world’s contribution estimated at an additional c.$5.7bn. The total market grew by 5% in 2018 compared to 3.5% in 2017 and 4.5% in 2016.

Mr Florent Jarry, head of AMR’s global events practice commented: “The Globex 2019 findings show that the global exhibition industry continues to be highly profitable, as face-to-face interaction remains strongly valued by exhibitors and visitors. We are cautious on some country forecasts given recent events but remain positive about the global industry over the medium term. While digital technologies are more likely to enhance events and the customer experience than replace them.”

Globex 2019 can be purchased online at: amrinternational.com/globex2019.


*The 20 markets featured in Globex 2019 are: US, China, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Russia, Hong Kong, Turkey, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Macau and the Philippines.

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