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ESSA Director elected to IFES board 

by Paul Colston

The board of the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES) has welcomed Andrew Harrison, Director of the UK’s Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA), as its newest board member. Harrison was elected at the IFES AGM, held during the IFES World Summit, 26-28 June, in Athens.

Harrison will take responsibility for national associations and facilitating them to become a greater part of IFES’s global collaboration network.

Explaining why he sought a role on the IFES board, Harrison said, “ESSA has been a member of IFES for some time, and most recently we’ve attended events in Istanbul, Montpelier and now Athens. It’s clear that IFES has an important role to play, not only in supporting the ambitions of its members around the globe by facilitating collaboration, but also in widening the horizons of national associations.”

He added that ESSA had a responsibility to be more international in its collaboration with others, “at a time when many overseas view the UK as retracting”.

Uta Goretzky, IFES Executive Director, welcomed Harrison to the board. “Andrew is a very familiar face at IFES, always pushing the case for greater collaboration and cohesion at a national level, whilst also putting the case forward for Britain and British event suppliers. It is a special pleasure to welcome him to the board, and I’m confident his presence will be a great asset to IFES, national associations affiliated to IFES and to the members of ESSA as well.”

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